Seminar by Professor Robert Tenzer of Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Date and time: 
Fri, 2018-04-27 10:15
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American Wing Room AW 404,University of Nairobi

The Department of Geospatial & Space Technology, University Of Nairobi

Professor ,Robert Tenzer of Hong Kong Giving the Seminar on Research Aspects.

Hosted Professor Robert Tenzer from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, who gave a Seminar on Research Aspects in Physical Geodesy, Geodynamics and Geophysics on 27th April 2018.He also spoke on the available opportunities for Scholarships at the Hong Kong University and encouraged applicants especially from the University Of Nairobi.

The venue of the Seminar was at the American Wing Room AW 404 and was officially opened by Dr.-Ing. Faith. N. Karanja, Chairperson, Department of Geospatial & Space Technology, University Of Nairobi. Among those in attendance were the Geospatial Engineering Students, Staff and invited Guest from within and outside the university.

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