Geospatial & Space Technology Department Holds Historic Two Geospatial Engineering Camps in 2018
Date and time: 
Wed, 2018-06-06 (All day)
Location / Venue: 

UoN Kibwezi Field Station, Kibwezi

 Geospatial & Space Technology Dept. held  two Geospatial Engineering Camps in 2018Chair, GST, Dr-Ing Faith N Karanja with students as they carry out  Deformation Survey at Athi Bridge, Kibwezi

Unit FGE400, in June and November 2018 at the University of Nairobi Kibwezi Field Station in Kibwezi.

The Geospatial Engineering Camps were held in June 2018 and November 2018, to carter for the double intake groups of freshers admitted by the  Geospatial & Space Technology Department and the University of Nairobi in January, 2014.and September, 2014 respectively.

FGE400 is a mandatory unit that takes students through various project-type Geospatial Engineering processes as would be expected in real life, under the guidance of both Lecturers and Technical Staff. It is a unit that aims at giving students real life experiences and geared towards the molding of work ethic and the professionalism of a Geospatial Engineer. 

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Thu, 2020-12-31 (All day)
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Chairperson, Geospatial & Space Technology Department