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Status of Spatial Data Infrastructure in Africa
Adoption of volunteered geographic information into the formal land administration system in Kenya.
Relaunching the Kenya National Spatial Data Infrastructure.
Site Selection for an Earth Dam in Mbeere North, Embu County—Kenya.
Cadastral Data Model for an Informal Settlement: Case Study of Huruma, Nairobi – Kenya.
The Relationship between the Mining and Property Cadastre in Kenya.
Strengthening the Eastern Africa Land Administration Network (SEALAN) project in enhancing inter-university Collaboration in land administration Eastern Africa
Modelling the Effect of Land Use and Land Cover Variations on the Surface Temperature Values of Nairobi City, Kenya, Resources and Environment
Analysis of the Relationship between Land Surface Temperature and Vegetation and Built-Up Indices in Upper-Hill, Nairobi
Comparison and Prediction of the above Ground Carbon Storage in Croplands on the Inhabited Slopes on Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and the Taita Hills (Kenya)