Space Challanges is an educational program powered by Endurosat with a mission to develop a generation of young scientist and technologist with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The program format is comprised of three main activities
Lectures by lead experts on Orbital Mechanics, Astrophysics,Space Application & Entrepreneurship ,Systems Architecture and Engineering,Propulsion technology etc.

The team also had intensive workshops and electronics and mechanics, programming, numerical methods,computer aided design and 3D printing, pitching workshops .

 space cadets from 11 different countries

 Among the three projects accomplished were;the moon rover, ground station and endurance mission.

Stephanie a fourth year student in the department of Geospatial  and space Technology and also an ESA official was in the Endurance Mission project which involved utilizing a cube satellite launched by Endurosat in conjunction with IBM called Platform-1 to develop a working prototype to solve real life situations.This project emerged the best among the three projects.

awarding ceremony

Her travel to and from the program was sponsored by Kenya Space Agency .