The Geospatial Engineering Students Association presents the annual GESA sports day event on 16th and 18th Feb 2022.

This event is planned in order to enable the Geospatial Engineering Students interact socially outside the classroom environment, loosen up as well as showcase talent on the pitch.


Themed "GIS in sports", this year's event will also present a platform for students to take the lead in a GIS show-and-tell. Here, applications of GIS technologies in the sports sector across all scales e.g. remote sensing and photogrammetry, mapping and map analysis, etc. will be showcased interactively.


This event, in partnership with the UoN UHS department, provides the opportunity for students to seek more sexual and reproductive health knowledge on use of contraceptives, practice of safe sex etc. as well as provide a knowledgeable and credible avenue to have all questions regarding sexual health answered.


In addition, the sports day event will provide the student an opportunity to learn more about the UNESCO O3+ Initiative as well as the RADA APP that seeks so boost the student's mental, emotional as well as social health in order to produce the holistic engineer that can interact safely and positively with the society in addition to the professional value the would be adding to the natural and built environment.