In this paper an effort has been made to identify suitable sites for safe disposal of county and other solid waste generated in Kajiado County. Using GIS and Multicriteria Evaluation (MCE) for identification of landfill site is more economical and effective than traditional techniques. Selection of suitable site depends on several factors to ensure environment friendly disposal of solid waste. For analysis and identification of suitable site for safe disposal in Kajiado County. Spatial and non-spatial data were collected from various sources. Using multi criteria analysis in ArcGIS 10.4, surfaces were generated for all the selected parameters by applying spatial analysis tools. Weighted parametric values were assigned to all the layers using some of the Environmental Protection Agency standards parameters for selection of landfill site. The sites were selected having minimum environmental consequences. Based on the selected parameters including distances from residential areas, rivers, water bodies, distance to spine roads, protected areas, land use land cover and slope. As a result, the entire Kajiado was divided into five regions of least suitable, marginally suitable, suitable, highly suitable and very highly suitable landfill sites. The most suitable sites were located largely in southern Eastern part of the County











Degree Program
Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Engineering
Student Name
KOOME WAKIAMA F19/36629/2016