Devolution remains one of the key changes that were brought by passing the 2010 Kenya Constitution. The devolved system of governance has brought governance to the local people as they can also participate in planning and decision making for their respective CAWs (County Assembly Wards). The main aim of devolved system of government is to ensure national and local resources are equitably shared to improve the life of its citizens and bridge the gap of marginalization that exists. County governments are therefore needed to initiate programs and development projects that are geared towards effective and efficient service delivery and improvement of their citizens’ livelihoods. These programs and development projects should be represented and documented in terms of expenditure, duration and spatial location so that they help in visualization, accountability, transparency and future planning and decision making. This project highlights how geospatial technologies can be used in the visualization and documentation of these programs and projects. Geospatial technologies provide a means of identifying, collecting, managing, analyzing, manipulating, presenting and visualizing the programs and projects undertaken by county governments using Mombasa County as the case study. Geospatial technologies offer services such as geodatabase where all information is organized and queries performed on the information to retrieve desired statistics and information. Such queries can be to show the distributions of projects within the county with respect to the sub[1]counties or CAWs. The results obtained in this project were maps of county roads, trade activities and health facilities done by the Mombasa County government between the year 2013 and 2019. Analysis of these projects resulted to maps showing per capita, population distribution, development project distribution and budgetary allocation in the sub-counties of Mombasa County. It is concluded that geospatial technologies can be successfully applied in assessment of county projects thus recommended for Mombasa County and all Counties in general. The national government and County government should make it a priority to utilize these geospatial technologies for effective and efficient governance.

Degree Program
Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Engineering
Project Supervisor
Dr._Ing Musyoka
Student Name