The Department of Geospatial and Space Technology held the celebration party for the staffs who have recently retired.

The party which was organised by the department took place on 4 th November 2022 at Sagret Hotel in Nairobi.The party brought together all the staffs of the department .

It was a moment of its kind when good memories of the retiree was shared.The department is greatful to all the retiree for having dedicated their life into serving the university.Among the retiree was the first lady in the department to do Surveying,Madam Tabitha Njoroge who served as a lecture in the department for many years.

Ms.Winnie Kimeu served as the departmental Secretary.
Ms.Felistas handing over the gift to Winni Kimeu.
Mr.Erick Mwandongo served as Senior Technologist,Photogrammetry
Mr.Harrison present a gift to MR.Erick
Mr.Oyugi N.served as a senior Technologist ,Cartography
Mr.Matara Presents a gift to mr.Oyugi
Mr.Charls Lwanga served as Principal Technologist,Surveying
Ms.Caroline Odundo present the gift to Mr Lwanga.

The department had three Academic staff retiring,Mr.David Macoco the longest serving of all,Ms.Tabitha Njoroge and Dr.David Nyika.

Ms.Tabitha Njoroge served as a Lecturer in the department.
Prof .Faith Karanja Presents a gift to Ms.Tabitha Njoroge
Mr.David Macoco ,served as a lecturer in the department
Prof.Mulaku presents a gift to Mr.Macoco


The department wishes all the retiree the best as they venture into the next segment of their life.May God blees and grant them long life.