Community Outreach Activities in Geospatial and Space Technology
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The University of Nairobi, department of Geospatial and space technology

GESA official adressing  students at Kisayani Secondary school in Kibwezi

Venue: Kisayani Secondary School in Kibwezi
Contact Person : Chairperson, Geospatial & Space Technology Department
Start Date: 2019-06-22
End Date: 2020-07-23
Link: Mentorship Visiit to Kisayani Secondary School June 2019
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Staff from the Department of Geospatial and Space Technology participated in an outreach activity that gave insights and relevant information to visiting students from Mukaa Secondary School on 06-06-13 and 07-06-13.


Venue: Photogrammetry Lab, Room 115, First Floor, Mechanical Building
Contact Person : Chairman, Geospatial and Space Technology
Start Date: 2013-06-07
End Date: 2013-06-07
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