Historic Six PhD Proposals Seminar
Date and time: 
Sat, 2019-01-19 08:00
Location / Venue: 

American Wing Building, Room402, Main Campus

Welcome to Geospatial & Space Technology Department's historic six PhD Proposals' Seminar on 18th January, 2019 from 8:00 – 12:00 Pm in Room AW 402

Mr. Sammy Matara:  Evaluating the Effects of Tectonic Movements in the Kenyan Rift Valley on the Kenyan Geodetic Reference Frame (KENREF)

Ms. Lilian Wangui:             Coupled approach modelling of climate change impacts on agro ecological zones and resultant effect on agriculture in Kenya

Ms. Anastasia Wahome:     Assessment of the Use of Geo-Information in Kenyan Counties: The case of Agriculture

Wycliffe Mutangili Muswii:                             Leveraging GIS-Tools for Geo-computing using parallel Techniques: A Rear world case scenario for Kiambu County

Evangeline Muthoni Njeru:   Spatial Modeling of the Influence of Road Transport Network Expansion on Land use land cover change in urban-rural fringes in Kenya 

Fausta Njiru:  Geographic Information System Audit: The Context of Information System Audits in Kenya



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Fri, 2019-01-11 16:58
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Chairperson, Geospatial & Space Technology Department