Brief History2

So far, about 500 students have graduated from the Department with B.Sc. Degrees. Of the above number, about 15% have been non-Kenyans. In addition, 15 Postgraduate students have also graduated with higher degrees. During this time, the Department has managed to score many firsts, particularly within the Faculty of Engineering - in which it is housed. For instance, the first Ph.D. degree from the Faculty of Engineering was awarded to L. P. Adams in 1969. In 1970 the Chair of Land Surveying was created with L. P. Adams as the first Professor in the Department. In the same year, the Department graduated the first lady from the Faculty of Engineering - Mrs. T. M. Njoroge.

The following members of staff have been Head/Chairmen of the Department of Surveying at various times: click to view list of current and former chairmen


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